Weekends are the best. Here’s how I’ve been spending mine over the last few weeks.

My Mum came to visit and stayed in a nearby hotel with a nice view.

She delivered this guy to me!

We ate a lot. Like at Floriditas. I love Floriditas.

And we visited the new Roxy Cinema. We ate there too, but I was too hangry to get a good picture.

We’ve been to Monterey a buttload of times lately. I wrote about it for Gale Force Win this week.

The savoury french toast wins times a million.

We’re enjoying our long weekend so far. Jason gets three whole days off! We’re planning on making pop tarts and playing board games. And I got new shoes.

I took them for their first outing today, to Plentifull Deli for coffee and lunch. It’s just around the corner and I am in love with it. Everything I’ve tried from there has been top notch, and is super reasonable too.

Hope your long weekend (if you have one) is going as swimmingly as mine!