Spring / Summer Goals

It is imperative that I fit all my Spring/Summer needs into the next six weeks, before I go traveling in the northern hempisphere for two months. I’ll be back for February, but though it’s the hottest month it just doesn’t have the cool summer vibez that January has, ya know?


  1. Drink gin and tonics in the sunshine
  2. Eat all the asparagus
  3. Drink berry smoothies
  4. Go walking out at Makara
  5. See the seals at Red Rocks
  6. Barbeque, or picnic
  7. Run along the waterfront
  8. Head to Auckland to visit friends and family (and also Little and Friday)
  9. Have more people over for dinner
  10. Pat lots of cats

I’ve already had a good start on some of these. What’s on your list?