Miss Crabb

Miss Crabb, Winter 12. These pieces are both so simple and so special, and the palette is poetry to my eyeballs: petrol, raspberry, mustard, sage, lilac, sand. I’ve just bought my first Miss Crabb dress, procured from Service Depot. The fourth one down in black rather than petrol (mistake?), it’s lovely and drapey and a bit grown up. I’m also so in love with the dark raspberry of the first dress. I shall covet it from afar, as I think it was almost twice the price of the one I own.

In other news, my dear friend Laura (who got a book deal! The happiness!) invited me to be a guest on the second episode of her podcast. We talked about memorable meals, both in foreign lands and locally; both spendy and homespun. If you are so inclined, you can listen to it here.

dark times (Kowtow)

I can’t believe I didn’t know about Kowtow until recently. For ages I’ve been whinging about how in Wellington there’s a lack of quality, affordable basics, and Kowtow was here all along, practically in my backyard. I tried on the lucky dress a few days ago, it has a crazy bat-lady thing going on, and is super great. I hearby declare that I would like All The Things.

Summer Lovers

It’s a chilly one here in Wellington, a perfect time to post these pictures and remember what fun my friends and I had on our new years bach holiday at Waitarere, and think longingly about the fun we’ll have this coming summer.

All photos by Jason.

On new years eve we put on our glad rags (I wore a dress I bought from an op shop that very day), drank bubbles or gin, and had a fancy dinner before dancing into the night.  I’m hoping for the same again this year, and some sort of pagan picnic (barefoot frolicking! red wine! crown of foliage in our hair!) on new years day.

The Aviatrix

One of my very good friends Emma (who also made my wedding dress, talk about being multi-talented) has her private pilot’s license and is training for her commercial license. She took Jason on a flight to Taupo and back a few weeks ago, and I love the photos he took, especially the one above of Emma preparing the flight plan, but also of the landscape. There’s many more on his blog.

I must confess that like many people I know, I’m still very upset by the situation in Christchurch, and also (guiltily) what it would mean for Wellington if we had a quake of comparable size (as we are likely to). I tried to write a bit more about it, but I can’t get my thoughts together enough to make sense and not be entirely melodramatic and self indulgent. All I will say is, please donate, put together a disaster kit, and tell those you care about how much you love them. I’m so glad I have some work coming in so I’ll be able to contribute more, as well as set up our disaster kit properly.