secrets and cake

Jason had a birthday, I made a surprise cake to bust out at a pot luck later in the week. It was a comedy of errors that mostly worked out in the end, thanks very much to help from my friends. Let’s just say I am not a natural baker, or a natural secret-keeper. No more baking or secrets for me, deal?

But not today

One day I’ll learn to take photographs of things other than food. In the meantime, here’s more food! I’ve also started a tumblr, and am enjoying using it as a place to catalogue what I’m eating, reading and making, without worrying too much if the food is ugly, or if the photos need editing.

Dinner tonight was Yotam Ottolenghi’s soba noodles with aubergine and mango, but with avocado instead of mango, and also with tofu (online here or here). It was unbelievably good. The recipe is from Ottolenghi’s book Plenty, graciously lent to me by Laura and Tim. Everything I’ve tried from it has been excellent, will be getting my own copy quick smart.

We had this fabulously garish cake for Kim‘s birthday celebration (as well as a million other great foods). I was about to say I made it, but actually no. First I declared to Kim that I would make her a birthday cake, then informed Jason than we would be doing so, and as usual, he just went ahead and made it while I was busy doing other things. Story of our lives, poor Jason! It was strawberry layer cake and other people seemed into it but I’d have liked it a lot better without the fake strawberry flavour, ick.

That weekend Jason made brioche french toast from his Bouchon cookbook and it was amazing buttery crispy melt-in-your-mouth goodness. We also went to high tea at Martha’s Pantry, which was perfect aside from forgetting my camera, and the hangover that caused me to forget it. After four weeks of mild detoxing, healthy food and no alcohol, it was all a bit much indulgence and I’m still not quite over it! More green things, please.

I’ve been drawing and playing about with making things more than I have in a long while. Maybe I’ll show you a few more things, and tell you why that is sometime soon.

Adventure Time


I just found out that because of Jason’s work commitments our road trip has been pushed forward, we’re leaving in only three months! Here is what this means:

– It is going to be SO hot. I am not going to be able to handle August temperatures!
– I need to save my pennies and to stop having so much fun now, in order to have more fun later.
– We will likely move out of our flat. 🙁
– We’ll be there for my birthday, which is awesome but it means Jason probably won’t be able to make me a rainbow cake. And it’ll be the first year in a really long time I won’t be having some kind of party (actually I’ll probably just have one before we go). Now I get to think about where I want to be for it, maybe Austin? New Orleans? SO EXCITING!

I’m sorry I don’t know who own the photo, let me know if you do. I think it might be the best cake in the world.

This is where we’re currently planning to go:

San Francisco
Las Vegas
New Orleans
New York

Plus many places in between and a million thrift shops.