secrets and cake

Jason had a birthday, I made a surprise cake to bust out at a pot luck later in the week. It was a comedy of errors that mostly worked out in the end, thanks very much to help from my friends. Let’s just say I am not a natural baker, or a natural secret-keeper. No more baking or secrets for me, deal?

Adventure Time


I just found out that because of Jason’s work commitments our road trip has been pushed forward, we’re leaving in only three months! Here is what this means:

– It is going to be SO hot. I am not going to be able to handle August temperatures!
– I need to save my pennies and to stop having so much fun now, in order to have more fun later.
– We will likely move out of our flat. 🙁
– We’ll be there for my birthday, which is awesome but it means Jason probably won’t be able to make me a rainbow cake. And it’ll be the first year in a really long time I won’t be having some kind of party (actually I’ll probably just have one before we go). Now I get to think about where I want to be for it, maybe Austin? New Orleans? SO EXCITING!

I’m sorry I don’t know who own the photo, let me know if you do. I think it might be the best cake in the world.

This is where we’re currently planning to go:

San Francisco
Las Vegas
New Orleans
New York

Plus many places in between and a million thrift shops.