Ruin Cats, Part 3 (Torre Argentina, Rome)


Largo di Torre Argentina is an excavated square containing the remains of four temples and the Theatre of Pompey, where Caesar was assassinated. It’s also home to a no-kill cat shelter and hundreds of cat friends. We spent so long standing in the rain spotting as many as we could, you’d think we didn’t have any where we came from.

Sadly the shelter has been threatened with closure and are currently waiting to see how the city’s new administration feel towards them. Good luck guys!






what I’ve been up to

Reading books
1Q84, What I Talk About When I Talk About Running, Claudine At School, Hunger Games (x 3), A Sense of an Ending, Bossypants, and now Bonjour Tristesse.

Planning and scheming
About Europe, and a few other exciting things that are a long way off.

Walking up small mountains (this trail leads up there), and also getting 3/4 of the way through couch to 5k (and I’m going to finish). I’m shocked and appalled to find myself actually enjoying it.

I tried a 30 day drawing challenge on instagram and gave up after about a week, but have continued drawing bits and pieces. My friends and I had a couple ‘drawing clubs’ and they were basically heaven.

Zoo sleepover
I slept over at a zoo with about 27 other people. The sleep was horrible, but the early morning time we spent wandering before the zoo opened made it more than worth it. Above: important sleepover paraphernalia.

People (and pet) time
Easter days were gloriously spent with several groups of amazing gals (and a few lads) eating, drinking, dancing, playing games, decorating easter eggs and cookies, and toasting to Blumphrey. The first of those days was at my lovely friend Amie’s place and she just has the most amazing pets. So jealous.

Always eating.



As I mentioned in my last post, we recently had an amazing time in the Nelson-Tasman area. We stayed at a bed and breakfast in Mapua and nature was all around. Plant and animal life is so different just a few short hours (and a ferry ride) away from Wellington, and it was awesome hanging out with tui, quails, fantails, geese, and many baby pukeko. So fluffy, so cute. Jason took these photos, most with his macro lens on digital and the first and last on his minolta.



Hello strangers! Been a long time, shouldn’t’ve left you without a dope beat to step to. I’m so sorry I have been MIA, partly it’s because I’ve been thinking about starting a new blog, something that’s a bit more me now and little less twee. Don’t worry, I shan’t be forsaking all the twee, ya’ll know I still love kittens, I’m just not quite happy with the name of this one.

I have been having a marvelous summer, I’ve ticked off so many things on my Summer Goals list without even meaning to, only about five things left to go! I thought I’d start my return to blogging by sharing my summer instagrams with you.

Wellington: Eating, drinking, Christmas parties, and more recently, gigs. This weekend I went to Fleet Foxes and Beirut – too much fun.

Auckland: Awesome Christmas family time, shopping and strolling in Cornwall Park. All the food.

Raumati: Holidaying in a spacious bach with lots of good people. Rain, sunshine, barbeques, fancy NYE dinner complete with cat’s ears, fluffy neighbour kittens, and I Have Never in the best fort ever.

Nelson: The ferry, a bed and breakfast with a glorious garden full of tuis and friendly cats, beer tasting, magical treehouses. Not pictured: Emma’s amazing wedding! I was too busy helping Jason take the official photos to grab any snaps.

Sorry for such photo-heaviness, I only put up about half of what I wanted to! If you’d like to follow me on instagram, search for kate_mcleod.