I Remember Golden Light

Oh dear, how do people do it? Keep up with Real Life and blogging at the same time I mean. RL has been getting in the way for me big time since school’s started back. Aside from the usual classes I’m also interning for Litmus, who run One Day Sculpture. The past couple of weeks I’ve spent a fair amount of time helping out with Bekah Carran’s project, I Remember Golden Light. It took place from 00.00 – 23.59 Friday 6 March at the National Library of New Zealand.

“Appearing self-made and informal in contrast to the concrete solidity of the National Library building, I Remember Golden Light offered the visitor only 24 hours in which to study a curious and intriguing collection of found images. The archive contained thousands of pictures which betray an anonymous, diligent collector seemingly obsessed by collating discarded materials to piece together a record of an impossibly beautiful, ideal environment.”

I babysat the work from 9pm til midnight and it was the most enjoyable stewarding experience I’ve had. Most people who came to see the work were friendly and delighted by the experience, and the smell of warm brown paper was intoxicating.










Please meet my beautiful & ridiculous lipstick pink peep toe shoe boots.  They are from Ruby and by Skin by Nude (who do have a website but it’s very hard to find). My love for them is immense and it kills me they’re so painful to wear! I’ve been thinking about getting them stretched around the toe but I don’t want to hurt them…

In action at a test shoot.


In other news, I start hula hoop classes on Monday!


This weekend was the Cuba St Carnival. I went on rides, ate too much stall food, got squished and sunburnt, saw a fun parade and sadly did not drink any mojitos. This is what it looked like.





Look, it’s a Gala! <3

I resisted the urge to talk to her (but not to go all paparazzi… oh noes).  Remember when Liz Lemon on 30 Rock met Oprah?  Yeah, that would be me.


You should know that I am very passionate about dress up parties. So much fun and at the same time, serious business! I spend a lot of time debating what my costume will be and often change my mind at the last minute and come as something completely random. Like the time we had a ‘come as someone who has the same name as you’ party, and I went as a unicorn in a sparkly blue 1960s dress & faux fur. So maybe it had nothing to do with the theme, but the effort was definitely there.

It still makes me just a tiny bit mad when people don’t put any effort in (buy Josie Long‘s DVD if you relate – oh you will laugh), there’s nothing I appreciate more than someone who goes above and beyond the call of duty, and with that in mind I give you my friend Emma!


Emma, as you can see, is adept at both meticulous construction of frilly animal dresses, as well as whipping up a show stopper five minutes before the party with only cardboard and crepe paper.  A professional dressmaker & alterationist, she also works on costumes for feature films.  If any item of clothing at Lovelorn Vintage requires alterations, it will be completed by Emma’s very own hands.  I’m thrilled to have her as part of the team.


I had no idea what to write for my first post so I thought I’d share some pictures of the delicious cupcakes my boyfriend made for my last birthday.


Cookies and cream, off the chain. Please note our homemade cupcake holders constructed of plates, mugs and film canisters.


Strawberry, and in the background, chiffon cupcakes. The tablecloth was made by my Ma when she was 15 and I’ll have you know I did not spill a single drop of red wine on it.


S’more cupcakes! Sooo good.


And of course, the amazing Gator Cake! Made by Lizzie.

Stay tuned for fashion related posts, vintage clothing I’ll be selling at my soon-to-launch online store, and hopefully a lot more ridiculousness.