Things to look forward to

A lovely little parcel came in the mail last week from my friends Rob and Cherie: an invitation card bundled up with a vintage handkerchief with further wedding details printed on it. I love the invite, it has the perfect combination of class and playfulness, just like those two crazy kids getting hitched. I can’t wait for the wedding, or to see Jason in his suit again – hopefully using the invitation kerchief as his pocket square.  I have my dress already, you know.

Behind barn doors

I was stuck for posts and realised I’d never posted any of our photo booth pictures from our wedding, plus we just had our 6 month anniversary.  Yeah, we made it to six months! Suck on that Britney!

I think our wedding photos are beautiful but I almost prefer these since I didn’t have to worry about making serious-but-happy-bride-faces (and you can see in the other pictures how uncomfortable I was!).

Looking at these makes me miss a lot of people. And if you didn’t make it into this post, it doesn’t mean I don’t love you. It just means you weren’t enough of a camwhore. I hope you learned your lesson.

a beautiful vintage wedding

Since my own nuptials I’ve been entirely wedding fatigued and haven’t looked at a single wedding blog, or posted any thing to do with them. Until now! Elsa Billgren is one of my favourite bloggers and I couldn’t resist posting some pictures from her recent wedding. Isn’t it funny when someone whose blog you’ve been reading for years has some sort of momentous occasion in their lives and you feel SO happy for them and yet don’t know them at all?

Elsa and her new husband had a small ceremony with family and close friends, then went on their honeymoon to Paris, and upon their return had a big party with pastries, dancing and girls in the most beautiful dresses.




© Anna  Malmberg

© Anna  Malmberg

© Anna  Malmberg

© Anna  Malmberg

© Anna  Malmberg

© Anna  Malmberg

© Anna  Malmberg

© Anna  Malmberg

Photos by Anna Malmberg

Our Wedding, Part 4







Then things got super fun and crazy. I was going to dig out more party photos but I’m tired so I’ll leave you with this gem. There’s some great photobooth pictures I gotta post too but that’s Future Kate’s problem now! (Damn you past Kate! – Future Kate)


Oh! And. Huge kudos to Pia who made the amazing & delicious cake! And to my bridesmaid Emma who made my dress in the midst of starting flight school – whatta gal! While we’re here, all of my bridesmaids Emma, Jane, Caitlin, Natalie and Liz – the best, cheeriest and most helpful bunch of ladies ever. Thanks also our flatmates for putting up with the crazy and being the bee’s knees. To Jason’s groomspeople Fiona and Sebastian for a hilarious speech and so much support. And to ALL our friends and family (but especially Ma & Pa), for all the help they gave us and for making our wedding day AMAZING with their AMAZINGNESS. I’ve never felt so loved and I’m full up with gratitude and happy. Seriously, best day ever.

We can now return to our regular broadcasting schedule! What a relief.

Our Wedding, Part 2









This time the shout outs go to our flatmate Brendan who played the accordian while the girls and I walked down the aisle, and the lovely, amazing & blogtastic Emma & her friend Tim, who entertained the crowd following the ceremony with amazing pop songs played on the cello & guitar!

(I love the kiss photo because our mouths are open and we look like we’re about to eat each other! But really we were smiling and laughing, and probably crying)