Cats ‘n’ things

Meet the cat phone! I am now finally able to instagram your faces off.

The Gentlewoman is basically the best thing ever. Except maybe for my new Nathalie Lete designed hankerchief that my dear friend Lizzie brought me from Paris. Ooh la la!

Ella Gingerbread

Hey guys. Sorry I haven’t been around. The week before last I found out my cat Ella was really sick, and she had to be put to sleep. She lived at my Mum’s house so I wasn’t able to be there. Thankfully I visited for my birthday and spent a lot of time sneaking her into my room to snooze on my bed. I’ve wanted to write about this all week, but it’s been so much harder than I expected. Poor little kitty, I’ll miss her so much.

Melbourne, Part two

Moar Melbourne!

House made crumpets and strawberry butter at Miss Jackson.

Melbourne Museum.

Sonido on Gertrude St. Go there. Get arepas, Colombian hot chocolate and juice made from fruits you’ve never heard of.

The European.

Mr Kitly, my pictures don’t do it justice. Favourite shop of the trip alongside Gorman.

Cumulus Inc was a major food highlight. Unfortunately I’d come down with the flu so I got one of the more plain breakfasts and could only manage to eat part of it. But Jason and Sebastian’s breakfasts were bloody outstanding

Another bad photo, but I had to include it because Madame Brussels was one of my favourite places. It’s magical, the inside (above) is astroturfed, trellised and colonial garden party-esque, and you can sit outside on the rooftop looking over the city under pink fluffy blankets with hot waterbottles.

Back in the land of green

We’re back! What can I say except, Best Honeymoon Evah. Obviously I have a lot more posts to come from the trip but now they’ll be interspersed with other posts. I’m glad we can get back to our regular programming!

Coming home from holiday can be such a downer, so I thought I’d make a list of things I love today and reasons it’s good to be back in New Zealand, though technically I’m still on holiday since I’m staying at my parent’s place in Auckland for a few days.

Lambies, calves, sunshine, asparagus!

Coming in to a New Zealand Summer
Barbeques, fish ‘n’ chips, beer and cider in the sun, hiring a bach with friends for new years, I am so looking forward to all of these things! As you can see I’ve already been getting into fish ‘n’ chips, these were from a newish place called Kiwiana on Market Road and they were probably the best I’ve ever had. Plus they do a vegetarian battered hot dog on a stick!

Cornwall Park
My family has lived by this awesome park for about 20 years now (omg I’m old) and it’s almost like a spiritual home. I love going for walks here, it’s where I learned to ride a bike, enjoyed barbeques through the years, and also the scene of many drunken teenage, and probably post-teenage, shenanigans. I wish I was there right now, lounging on a picnic blanket, drinking something pink.

Ella the Cat
I love getting to see my kitty, Ella Gingerbread, who lives with my Mama. And she laaaves me too.

There’s a party at our place the day I get back, I’m probably going to be Wednesday Addams but I also have in my possession a Lady Gaga coke can wig…

As in, there’s none here but ants and other tiny ones. We have it pretty good.

After cooking only twice in two months it’s damn good to be in a kitchen again. Last night I made prosciutto-wrapped ricotta-stuffed chicken with a tomato-basil sauce, tonight is lemon-ricotta-basil pasta with asparagus, with maybe some spinach and cherry tomatoes too.

Jenny and Johnny, Nashville, TN

Allow me to post out of order this one time. On Saturday we traveled to Tennessee to see Jenny & Johnny and it was amazing. Her voice is like, woah. I hadn’t heard of Johnny Rice before, but I’m very convinced. Very charming and adorable. Kirsten Dunst was there, and is now officially the most (only? ‘cept for Jemaine) famous person I’ve ever seen with my eyeballs.

So glad we got to go! And we just booked tickets to the Speaking Clock Review with T. Bone Burnett, Elton John & Leon Russell, John Mellencamp, Elvis Costello (!!), Gregg Allman, Ralph Stanley, Jeff Bridges (!!), Punch Brothers, Karen Elson (!!), Neko Case and The Secret Sisters. Pretty excited about that!

In other news, I am slightly burnt out. Would love a weeks break in the middle of this amazing holiday, and also we are leaving the south over the next day or two which I’m bummed about. Partially because I’ve loved it so, partially because it means it’ll all be coming to an end in a few weeks.. boo!

I’ll be posting Austin pictures soon, it’s probably been my favourite place so far. If it were about 20 degrees cooler in Summer I’d move there in a heartbeat.

Home is wherever I’m with you

Bye bye internets, in 7 hours we’re off on a plane, headed towards our U.S.A. road trip honeymoon.  I’ll be blogging sporadically from the road, and it’ll take me a day or two to moderate comments, and probably a bit longer to reply to them. Eeeeeep exciting!

Musical accompaniment:

Ballet de Gaga


Photo cred: ROSS GIBLIN/The Dominion Post

Ever wondered what a Lady Gaga ballet would be like? Well the answer is, as expected, AMAZING. The lovely Stacey wrote an article on a group of Royal New Zealand Ballet dancers who performed the most marvelous tribute to Gaga. You can find the article and accompanying video here. You won’t be disappointed!

Painted Ladies

Marvelous news: the wonderful Julia Pott has agreed to design a tattoo for me! All I know at the moment is it will include two red pandas, and it will go on the inside of my upper arm or inside of my forearm. The red pandas are obviously in love, but are they also on bicycles? Having tea? On a boat? Are they colour or black line work? Do I want a castle in there somewhere? Do weigh in if you have any ideas for me, I can’t wait to get going on this. Ever since I saw this amazing tattoo that Julia designed I’ve been going a bit crazy with excitement.



I’m off to New Plymouth for the weekend, Happy Easter!