an Auckland jaunt

I’m recently back from a long weekend in Auckland, hanging with parents and friends, visiting grandparents, drunk skyping with my brother in Perth, shopping at Gorman, and eating a million treats. It was really, really lovely.

The weather was a charmer.

The very first thing I did was go to Little and Friday, where I LOST MY SHIT over how perfect and amazing every detail is.

I hung out with my Grandmas. Nana showed us her and my Grandad’s sixty-year-old engagement annoucement.

I drank wine and was merry with old friends.

After this, I required eggs and hollandaise to fix me.

The night before I left, I joined an enormous queue at Ollie’s for the first time in years. SO IMPORTANT. I caused a sensation in the line when I ordered the outrageous banana split.

As you can see, it’s as big as my (very large) face. Mum and I had about 1/5 of it each, it’s probably still in the freezer.

On my last day we popped back to Little and Friday to try their famous doughnuts. Yes.

And then I came home.

All pictures from my instagram, _pocketwitch.

Miss Crabb

Miss Crabb, Winter 12. These pieces are both so simple and so special, and the palette is poetry to my eyeballs: petrol, raspberry, mustard, sage, lilac, sand. I’ve just bought my first Miss Crabb dress, procured from Service Depot. The fourth one down in black rather than petrol (mistake?), it’s lovely and drapey and a bit grown up. I’m also so in love with the dark raspberry of the first dress. I shall covet it from afar, as I think it was almost twice the price of the one I own.

In other news, my dear friend Laura (who got a book deal! The happiness!) invited me to be a guest on the second episode of her podcast. We talked about memorable meals, both in foreign lands and locally; both spendy and homespun. If you are so inclined, you can listen to it here.

dark times (Kowtow)

I can’t believe I didn’t know about Kowtow until recently. For ages I’ve been whinging about how in Wellington there’s a lack of quality, affordable basics, and Kowtow was here all along, practically in my backyard. I tried on the lucky dress a few days ago, it has a crazy bat-lady thing going on, and is super great. I hearby declare that I would like All The Things.


As I mentioned in my last post, we recently had an amazing time in the Nelson-Tasman area. We stayed at a bed and breakfast in Mapua and nature was all around. Plant and animal life is so different just a few short hours (and a ferry ride) away from Wellington, and it was awesome hanging out with tui, quails, fantails, geese, and many baby pukeko. So fluffy, so cute. Jason took these photos, most with his macro lens on digital and the first and last on his minolta.



Hello strangers! Been a long time, shouldn’t’ve left you without a dope beat to step to. I’m so sorry I have been MIA, partly it’s because I’ve been thinking about starting a new blog, something that’s a bit more me now and little less twee. Don’t worry, I shan’t be forsaking all the twee, ya’ll know I still love kittens, I’m just not quite happy with the name of this one.

I have been having a marvelous summer, I’ve ticked off so many things on my Summer Goals list without even meaning to, only about five things left to go! I thought I’d start my return to blogging by sharing my summer instagrams with you.

Wellington: Eating, drinking, Christmas parties, and more recently, gigs. This weekend I went to Fleet Foxes and Beirut – too much fun.

Auckland: Awesome Christmas family time, shopping and strolling in Cornwall Park. All the food.

Raumati: Holidaying in a spacious bach with lots of good people. Rain, sunshine, barbeques, fancy NYE dinner complete with cat’s ears, fluffy neighbour kittens, and I Have Never in the best fort ever.

Nelson: The ferry, a bed and breakfast with a glorious garden full of tuis and friendly cats, beer tasting, magical treehouses. Not pictured: Emma’s amazing wedding! I was too busy helping Jason take the official photos to grab any snaps.

Sorry for such photo-heaviness, I only put up about half of what I wanted to! If you’d like to follow me on instagram, search for kate_mcleod.

Summer Goals

Props to my friend Willow for making me want to make my own Summer Goals.

Help cook Christmas dinner.
Read a billion books.
Eat fish and chips (sans fish) by the sea.
Take film photos.
Drink smoothies galore.
Find delightful dresses in small-town op shops.
Write in parks and cafes.
Discover new music.
Make tomato pie.
Wear flowers in my hair.
Have a fancy dinner on NYE.
Go to weddings in Nelson and Whakatane.
Drink at a winery.
Tell ghost stories or play truth or dare in a blanket fort.
Make new animal friends.
Cook halloumi, asparagus and portobello mushrooms on a barbeque.
Plan overseas adventures.
Share homemade brunch with friends.
Turn somersaults (FLIPS) in the ocean.
Eat blueberries on chocolate cereal.


Summer Lovers

It’s a chilly one here in Wellington, a perfect time to post these pictures and remember what fun my friends and I had on our new years bach holiday at Waitarere, and think longingly about the fun we’ll have this coming summer.

All photos by Jason.

On new years eve we put on our glad rags (I wore a dress I bought from an op shop that very day), drank bubbles or gin, and had a fancy dinner before dancing into the night.  I’m hoping for the same again this year, and some sort of pagan picnic (barefoot frolicking! red wine! crown of foliage in our hair!) on new years day.


Welcome to what I’ve been eating lately!

I made cupcakes for SPCA Cupcake Day at work. They tasted of chocolate, guinness and cream cheese icing and looked like little boats.

Wellington on a Plate happened, and I went to Cafe Polo and munched on this delicious vegetarian burger: ricotta patties, beetroot chutney, hummus and walnuts, with onion rings and truffled fries, woah.

Another time, ages ago, I had their big vegetarian breakfast and it proved insurmountable.

I also had an amazing Welly on a Plate 3 course meal at my fave Floriditas, but it was dark so I didn’t take any photos. So you may instead see photos from my previous two visits.

Not to mention all the lovely meals I’ve shared with friends at various homes. Looking forward to spring, summer and more salads, outdoor meals and cider in the sun.