Give me your lunch money, nerd.

little kate

My bike is awesome!

Oh dear, I can’t keep making apologies for not being around, can I?  After this week I’ll be Back and Better Than Ever. In the meantime I thought I might direct you to some of my fav places around the interwebs.

Alex Cornell invented a fictional Wes Anderson Film Festival and designed all of the promotional material for it. Probably the best thing ever.

Hello Sandwich is the queen of fanciful gift wrapping, it’s not a new post but it’s a goody and has me excited for Christmas.

Krisatomic has a new portfolio site up, I love her photography. Favs are Mornings and Moscow and St Petersburg.

Go to Color Me Katie and read the whole blog from start to finish. It will make you so happy. She might have one of the cutest cats in the world.

Did you know I like to read comics? My fav online is Kate Beaton who does super funny history comics, and silly ones about ponies that make me guffaw, yes guffaw.

If you can be bothered watching a whole short film, 7.35 In the Morning by Nacho Vigalondo is most excellent.

Thanks to everyone who let me know where to get the ASOS dress – unfortunately lots of the comments came up as spam, which I hadn’t been checking. Sorry about that!

Have a good day kids, I’m going to go eat cocopops and strawberries for breakfast.