Five Things #15

1. Nanako Koyama‘s photography, via Banana Meet-Cute

2. Kathryn Wilson‘s Kerry heel.


3. Time wasting experiments by Alyson Provax via fieldguided

4. Dresses from Karen Walker’s Runaway collection.

5. Jewellery from we never sleep, via Clever Nettle.

P.S. My heart goes out to the people of Japan, what else can I say.

hearts and flowers

Besides enjoying being made a fuss of on any occasion, I’ve never been that big on Valentine’s Day. However, our first wedding anniversary (kind of a big deal yo) is February 13th and so I am feeling a little cheese is necessary. I’m delighted to have been married to my husband for nearly a year (not so delighted about fighting other cheesy couples for dinner reservations every year for the rest of our lives, but que cera). This is something I’d wear on a date, if I had a few grand to throw around. A pretty blouse, a flat shoe, and something to show I don’t take it all too seriously.

shirt, skirt, bag, shoes, necklace, nails

Five things to love #12

I haven’t done one of these in a while!

1. Sarah’s outfit. CUTEST. How can one outfit contain so many adorable details? Bravo.

2. A destination wedding in Iceland on the Ruffled blog. Must go to Iceland as soon as humanly possible.

3. New hardback classics designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith – all F. Scott Fitzgerald books. I almost bought Tender is the Night the other week, I’m glad I waited.

4. Suprised to find myself coveting jewellery from Low Luv x Erin Wasson. The scarab ring in particular. From Need Supply.

5. This Is Naive is nursing Ferry back to health. It makes my heart hurt in a good way.

Hope you’re having a happy weekend. Today I had a photoshoot with my friend Bonnie for the future vintage store, and then spent what seemed like hours clearing out old boxes and suitcases, discovering pretty dresses, a green jumpsuit and old love letters. How about you?