Great Food

The new penguin paperback series comes out in April, with covers designed by the ever astounding Coralie Bickford-Smith. Having heard of barely any of them, I can’t wait to check them out. I’d still love to collect more of her last series, though I’ve been so scared of ruining the one I have I’ve only opened it once.

Out on the wiley, windy moors


I am a teeny bit obsessed with Wuthering Heights at the moment. I read it over summer and any time I get a little bit tipsy I put this on and try to dance like a ghost ballerina with crazy eyes.

I also love the work of Lizzy Stewart and when I saw the words Wuthering Heights Family Tree I knew before the image loaded that it would be perfect and I must own it.

I was correct.

Rifle Paper Co – Shop Opening!

You may know of my love for the design work of Anna Bond of Rifle Design & Paper Co, since I blog about it rather often. Lets be honest, you’d think I was on her payroll the way I gush on about her charming hand-drawn type & illustrations! But no, just terribly in love with the paper things she creates…

I’ve been anticipating the opening of her store for some time, and now I can see why it took a wee while to open – she’s really outdone herself, with a beautiful site and a huge new range of products I’m quite excited about.

Greetings & thank you cards:






Holiday cards & giftwrap:




And best of all (in my humble opinion), a selection of personalised notes and calling cards:





Would so love to have a set of the calling cards.

Now I wait with baited breath for the wedding invitation section of the shop to open…

What They Wore Today

Best Flickr Group! Love it, and also the sailor dress below.



Gemma Correll


Sarah McNeil

Speaking of what people wore, you know about What Claudia Wore right? There’s also does a What Chuck Wore! It makes me so happy.

P.S. I don’t get flickr sometimes, like when I’m allowed to use images? I also wanted to post one by Caitlin Quiet but there was no ‘blog this’ option on her image, so I did not ‘blog this’. Am I doing it right?