Francis Upritchard & Martino Gamper’s home

For a long time I’ve adored the work of sculptor Francis Upritchard, thinking periodically for years now of her creepy lamps with faces and wishing one of them could live with me at my house. Today my friend and book group monarch Ange posted a link on twitter to images of her home and I couldn’t click it fast enough. As you can see, it was even better than I could’ve imagined. Upritchard lives in Hackney with furniture designer Martino Gamper, and the combination of their work and aesthetic is basically perfection to me. Images seen here, originally from here, and a photograph of their kitchen area is also on the cover of the latest issue of Home New Zealand. I’m off to hunt that down tomorrow.


new home necessities (I wish)

A thousand sky planters

Doormat via So On & So Forth

World map chalkboard via Miss Moss I think?

We moved almost all our stuff to our new place yesterday, so everything is in that terrible half-unpacked state. There’s a million things to do and I forgot to bring the milk so I can’t have any tea, but I’m so happy to be in this sunny house with three of my favourite people, and some pretty awesome friends nearby too. Plus Sweet Mother’s Kitchen. And Oriental Parade. And the supermarket and sunday markets. Life win!