What I love about today

I am in far better spirits, partially because I decided that I had to be, mostly because I’ve had a great week and an even better weekend.

What I love about this week:

Having red hair again.

Cheap and cheerful Japanese with the best ex-workmates in the world.

Receiving an email from Amber about loving boys who you don’t often get to see. She is a good sort.

Being invited to TWO Royal Wedding parties. Best bit – they are on the same street!

My Mum visiting this weekend, she is awesome. Brunch at Floriditas was a highlight.

New shoes, and a new beautiful and grown up skirt.

Lovely friends checking in to see that I’m okay. I’m okay!

Farewell dinner at Monterey for flatmates who’re going to Asia for three months. I’ll miss you Kim and Brendy! Not that Brendan would ever read this, he is serious and analogue.

My friend Jo had a blue party, and it was grand. Secret bedroom dance parties? Yes. I cannot recommend you watch this video, but I love it. My interpretive dancing is certainly not up to the standards of Ms Bush.

chicken and waffles

On Sunday I took Jason out to breakfast at Sweet Mother’s Kitchen a place we go to often but for some reason had almost never brunched at. We heard they have chicken and waffles as a special so we were all over that, and so should you if you can get there before the special ends. I just tried a little, but I have to say it was better than any chicken and waffles I ate while in the US. My significantly less attractive (but almost as delicious) breakfast was the Eggs Herbert, a toasted baguette with creamed spinach, fish, artichoke, a poached egg and hollandaise.

Sundays are going to be the only time we really have together for a while. Jason works in film post production, and has just started work on an enormous project. He’s working crazy hours and so far… I guess I’m not taking it too well. It probably doesn’t help that I’m still getting used to working fulltime so I’m pretty exhausted myself, but having my husband leave for work before I get up and arrive home around the time I should go to bed is not really my cup of tea. There are very many ‘at least’s that make me feel guilty for missing him so much, at least we don’t live alone, at least we live close to his work, at least he gets paid hourly, at least we don’t have kids like some of his workmates. At least we have each other.

Sorry to be such a DEBBIE DOWNER, but things aren’t always shiny. It’s a bit hard not knowing how long it could go for, and not having enough energy to distract myself with socialising and the like. I guess I need to remember gratitude for what I do have. Which is a lot.

Sorry guys! Back to the pretty pictures next time.


The colour of earl grey tea (but not the taste).  Discovering new beautiful blogs.  Eating all my vegetables.  My new-to-me sailor dress and my friend Emma who altered it to fit properly.  Unbelievable coincidences.  Electric blankets.  USA food anticipation.  Roller derby.  Maude Lebowski.  Pretty fonts.  Retro swimsuits. Orange lipstick.  My Mum coming to visit me in just over a week.  Travel journals.  Combat class.  The combined smell of concrete & oil reminding me of chocolate biscuits & milo with my Grandad.  New tunes for road trip playlists.
Dress ups with Sam and Jana in the late 80s/early 90s where I look like a beanstalk with a giant head.

Happy Thoughts

I’m very tense. So in an effort to make myself glad, here is a list of things that I am loving at the moment.



– Joanna Newsom in Rodarte. I loved her interview in the latest Lula.


Sian Keegan’s pet portraits.



Rosemary’s Baby (above)  –  Finding a leopard print cardigan  –  Black nails
Having grand creative ideas   –  Taking Jason on dates  –  Party hats and cupcakes
Booking flights to Auckland in June  –  Books  –  Iced drinks  –  Delicious salads
Lots of friends visiting  –  And maybe my Mama too!  –  Pimento potato gratin
Planning for our U.S. road trip and maybe making it a round the world ticket
Community  – Drawing pictures of ridiculously twee cats  –  Tattoo plotting
Gaga 4 Life  –  & channeling season 2 Blair Waldorf (WWBWD?)

Speaking of our US road trip, is anyone out there living in the states and keen to meet up around October when we drive across your country? It would be more than marvelous to get a few tips on where we should go. So far we’re looking at San Francisco, Vegas, Austin, New Orleans and then either onto Florida & Charleston or up to Nashville, then East Coast. And I also want to go to Mexico and Montreal. But obviously there’s so many places in between the one’s I’ve listed, it’s so hard to decide! America is huge! So if anyone has any tips that’d be so great. I’m so excited! Which you can probably tell by my overuse of exclamation marks! xx

Our Wedding, Part 4







Then things got super fun and crazy. I was going to dig out more party photos but I’m tired so I’ll leave you with this gem. There’s some great photobooth pictures I gotta post too but that’s Future Kate’s problem now! (Damn you past Kate! – Future Kate)


Oh! And. Huge kudos to Pia who made the amazing & delicious cake! And to my bridesmaid Emma who made my dress in the midst of starting flight school – whatta gal! While we’re here, all of my bridesmaids Emma, Jane, Caitlin, Natalie and Liz – the best, cheeriest and most helpful bunch of ladies ever. Thanks also our flatmates for putting up with the crazy and being the bee’s knees. To Jason’s groomspeople Fiona and Sebastian for a hilarious speech and so much support. And to ALL our friends and family (but especially Ma & Pa), for all the help they gave us and for making our wedding day AMAZING with their AMAZINGNESS. I’ve never felt so loved and I’m full up with gratitude and happy. Seriously, best day ever.

We can now return to our regular broadcasting schedule! What a relief.



Picture gifted to me by the lovely artist I interned with, Bekah Carran.

Just thought I’d mention that blogspot is having technical problems with comments from non-blogspot people. Have been trying to comment on lots of people’s blogs but it won’t work – so annoying.

On a more positive note, today I’m grateful for..

1. Being back with my lovely boy.

2. Having such wonderful friends and family.

3. Spring, oh you are my favourite.

4. Cups of tea in my favourite pink and white striped mug.

5. Braids.

6. Awesome cat-themed zines (will post about soon).

7. Finding my perfect skirt when I thought it was sold out.

8. Coming home to clean sheets, a tidy room and even a clean bathroom (!).

9. White painted fingernails.

10. People reading and commenting on my silly blog – never thought that’d happen!