Make your own Marimekko

This looks like the best book ever. Celebrating sixty years of Marimekko, it’s full of DIY projects as well as interviews and studio tours with the project designers. It looks super fun and I would love to get my hands on it.

Above images via Coolhunter

I’m not entirely sure if the last image is from the book for not, it did lead me to the book in the first place, but now I can’t recall where I found it. I’m keeping it here anyway as it’s the best thing I’ve ever seen. Why aren’t I an orange ghost with a round petticoat and polka dot tights? No fair.

The Paper Factory

A lot of really wonderful paper things have come into my world lately.

It was our first wedding anniversary just over a month ago. The first year you give paper, which is about my favourite thing ever. I believe I asked if we could give paper every year! I got Jason these prints by Sarah McNeil, as well as a copy of The Road.

Jason got me back issues of Lula, issues 3 and 4. He gave me 5 and 6 last Christmas, so now I’m only missing the first two. He is a fine gentleman, that husband of mine.

Our friend Hannah gave us each a set of Black Swan postcards – so excited to do something awesome with these!

Fiona sent this parcel from Edinburgh, which includes a zine on building toy theatres and a fold out zoo. She’s back in Wellington now and is going to live with us while Kim and Brendy are in Asia, we’re going to build a toy theatre and watch all period films evah.

When Kelly was in Austin she sent postcards, m&ms and this cool little girl sculpture that had a secret note for me up her butt (sadly not pictured but not as scandalous as it sounds), plus a signed book for Jason.

Sebastian brought this fun stationery stuff from Korea, including things from the school he taught at. Happy Virus, OK!

And I won a recipe print from Dawn Tan! I’ve been admiring her work and blog for ages now, so was super stoked. Thanks Dawn!

And thanks Jason, Hannah, Fiona, Kelly and Sebastian! Ya’ll are amazing individuals with excellent taste.

Bonjour Johanna

I like Johanna‘s blog and art a lot. I’m too tired to say much else, but I’m sure you’ll agree that her work speaks for itself!

Nearly at the end of my first week of fulltime work in a long time… how do you do it people?! By which I mean work, blog, cook, exercise, see people, have relationships, hobbies… even children? And then sometimes find time to wash your hair and maybe even shave your legs if that’s what you’re in to? You’re amazing, hope I can be like you someday.