oh, the places I’ll go


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Photo by On Dressing Up



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In just two weeks (!!) I’ll be flying to Japan with my flatmate/sister-wife/COMPANION Kim, visiting dear friends who’ve recently moved there. In about six weeks I’ll be in Paris for Christmas with my husband, heading to Berlin over New Years, then spending the rest of January in Krakow, Budapest, Athens and Rome. There’ll also be day trips to Osaka and Bratislava, and a night or two in Hiroshima and Vienna. Do I sound like I’m bragging? Because I TOTALLY AM. I haven’t been to Europe before and now it is finally my time to shine. So excited and nervous, I feel completely out of practice at traveling. I haven’t been to a non-english-speaking country in four years! Can’t wait for the buildings and the walking and the people watching and museums and history and tiny apartments in foreign lands. Tips are welcome!

Thanks to wonderful bloggers and photographers for the permission to use their pictures in their post, you should check them out.

Tasty Bits and Pieces

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– I’ve been eating some delicious food lately. A big highlight was my friend Pia’s cowgirl party with candied bacon, vegetarian chili, cornbread and pumpkin pie. As for things I’ve cooked and liked: butternut squash and chickpea salad, a few riffs on this salad (sans capsicum – $25/kg at the moment! outrageous!), orange-glazed tofu (I actually prefer it with tempeh), Nigel Slater’s mushroom pie, and a thrown together pork laab. Lunch today was a salad of roast broccoli, kumara and garlic with chorizo, feta and pinenuts. This friday we’re having a few people over for dinner and declaring it fancy friday (I hate casual friday), and I’m hoping to tick off the 4 course meal on my list of 27 things.

– Delaney of Heartbreak Pie is working her way through the Wellington on a Plate festival with a special blog, 17 Days 17 Dates. I’ve been following it keenly – obviously very keenly as last night I dreamed she and I went on a date together with Sean Bean! If only.

– Am reading my way through a zillion pages of Something Changed (which I think is where I found the above image), which means I now have a lot more books on my to-read list, and have learned about Japanese spirit foxes.

– I saw The Future a couple of nights ago and loved it. I’m a big Miranda July fan (this NY Times profile is great) and was a bit fearful it wouldn’t live up to my lofty expectations, but I loved it. It never occured to me she could have such haters, I suppose I can see how someone might dislike her style but I find everything she’s done so honest, humorous, open, and deliciously weird.

Bonjour Johanna

I like Johanna‘s blog and art a lot. I’m too tired to say much else, but I’m sure you’ll agree that her work speaks for itself!

Nearly at the end of my first week of fulltime work in a long time… how do you do it people?! By which I mean work, blog, cook, exercise, see people, have relationships, hobbies… even children? And then sometimes find time to wash your hair and maybe even shave your legs if that’s what you’re in to? You’re amazing, hope I can be like you someday.

work wear inspiration

I’m currently looking for work (um, hire me!), and earlier this week spent a few hours looking for a job interview appropriate outfit and came up short. So I trawled through the interwebs looking for inspiration and here are a few ladies whose vintagey work-appropriate outfits are inspiring me.

Fancy Fine

blushing ambition

all this happiness

Here’s looking at me kid


Do you get to dress how you like at work?

Belle Fleur de Lis blog crush

My newest and most fervent blog crush is Belle Fleur de Lis, an inside garden diary of lovely plants, handmade crafts, red hair and quiet moments.

Isn’t it just so peaceful and light-filled?

I’m moving house in the next few weeks, to a very large and sunny but rather old flat in my favourite area of Wellington. I think filling our new house with plants will be one of the best ways to make it a cosy, homey, interesting place, rather than just another kinda rundown flat. Though anything’s a step up from where we are now!

Do you have any interior inspiration blogs you love?


Golubka, meaning dove in Russian, is a very beautiful food blog.  I’ve been so overcome by the photographs I failed to notice til now that it’s raw food focused!  Not that I consider that to be a bad thing, it just places the delicious-looking recipes in a purely aspirational category for me.  I’m far too lazy to eat raw at home, but I’m curious about it and looking forward to trying out a few raw eateries in the states, and if any of the food there looks half as good I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.