I had a perfect weekend. I painted my nails in pastel shades. I drank wine, danced to eighties tunes with good people and stayed out late. I slept in. I was in love. I looked at art. I ate croissants with brie. I watched a trashy movie in bed with my friend while our men folk played monopoly loudly. I drank wine from a teacup in a greenhouse lit with a lamp while it rained. I slept in again. I went to the vegetable markets and planned our meals for the week. A cat came to visit. My friend returned from Europe. For Sunday Movie Club we watched a strange film and ate pork belly and cinnamon buns.

I took no photographs, but my nails were inspired by this.

By the stylish wanderer.

Done Out in Deco


Row 1 – Lincoln Park After Dark – Matte, Russian Navy – Matte, You Don’t Know Jacques – Matte
Row 2 – The ‘It’ Color, Nicole Alert, Done Out in Deco
Row 3 – Hey! Get in Lime!, Moon Over Mumbai, Alpine Snow – Matte

I’m a bit crazy over nail polish these days. Maybe I’m turning into a girl or something? Cos despite the amount of frothy dresses I post on here, lately I’m likely to be found in docs and my Deborah Sweeney racecar hoodie (I’m such a bogan).

Of course most of the nail colours I like aren’t particularly girly. Probably the girliest above is the lilac shade this post is titled for, which I picked up this week and is my new favourite ugly-pretty colour. I can’t wait for the matte colours to arrive in New Zealand – has anyone spotted them? Here’s Karen O killing it with her black matte nails. Look, her nails are deep set, like mine! That’s where the similarities end, unfort for me.


What are your favourite colours & brands?