Guest Post – The Brighter Side

Today you’re treated to a guest post by my other half. I’m so behind on my new years and holiday posts, thank goodness Jason’s here! xoxo Kate

Down a windy road you crawl behind a long line of weary travelers returning home from summer vacation. Clouds hang above the city you live in. Not friendly cotton-candy clouds, dark ominous clouds. Is the haze you see in the distance the beginnings of a rainstorm?

Cheer up. It isn’t all doom and gloom. There are a few bright sides to returning home from holiday.


1. Clean clothes all the time, not just when time and facilities are available. It’s great being able to take time off from the regular chores, but it’s also a mighty fine thing to get back to.

2. A whole wardrobe too choose from instead of just a suitcase or two.

3. Your well worn but somehow irreplaceable couch/armchair/rug to sit, nap, play, snuggle or read on. Even a hammock isn’t as comfortable.

4. The friends you usually see often. Time to catch up, you’ll both have stories.

5. That crucial item you left behind. There’s a variety of refreshing activities that you may be able to return to: shaving, finishing that book you almost finished but left at home, the other camera you didn’t think you’d want to use but did, the right type of soap.

6. Having your own visitors. When you’re finished going on holiday, bring a holiday to you. They’ll love you for it and you’ll have so much fun it’ll be like you’re holiday again.

7. Seeing your great workmates again. With any luck you work with a great bunch of people, so much so that returning to the time card punching routine won’t be so bad.