oh, the places I’ll go


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In just two weeks (!!) I’ll be flying to Japan with my flatmate/sister-wife/COMPANION Kim, visiting dear friends who’ve recently moved there. In about six weeks I’ll be in Paris for Christmas with my husband, heading to Berlin over New Years, then spending the rest of January in Krakow, Budapest, Athens and Rome. There’ll also be day trips to Osaka and Bratislava, and a night or two in Hiroshima and Vienna. Do I sound like I’m bragging? Because I TOTALLY AM. I haven’t been to Europe before and now it is finally my time to shine. So excited and nervous, I feel completely out of practice at traveling. I haven’t been to a non-english-speaking country in four years! Can’t wait for the buildings and the walking and the people watching and museums and history and tiny apartments in foreign lands. Tips are welcome!

Thanks to wonderful bloggers and photographers for the permission to use their pictures in their post, you should check them out.

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  1. This sounds like you’ll have a few months of some amazing adventures abroad. My favorite place to grab delicious pierogis quickly in Krakow is Zapiecek. Soo good and a cute little place, too.

  2. There’s an Alice in Wonderland restaurant that you MUST go to. The food is pretty average but the cocktails are great. You have to book in advance, we got our hotel concierge to book for us, because they don’t speak English. It’s also a little difficult to find but don’t give up! Here is a someones blog on the restaurant if you’re interested.


    Another recommendation would be a Gothic Lolita bar in Shinjuku (which Tim Burton frequents). It’s owned by the most amazing adorable girls in the world, you can find their website here:

    safe travels!

  3. Wow! This year I have travelled to nearly the same places! I was in Osaka for three weeks in Jan- I recommend going to Kyoto and Dotonbori Night Markets and Nishiki fish market. Japan is amazing. I ate everything in site.
    In July my partner and I travelled to Frankfurt, Paris, Corsica, Florence and Rome!
    Italy was my favourite for food but Paris for shopping and galleries and amazingness. Make sure you know basic French as it can be quite hard (or at least a phrase book!)
    Oh have a wonderful time. Oh and go to Montemarte, Mamie Blue and Centre Pompidou! xxx

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