Miss Crabb

Miss Crabb, Winter 12. These pieces are both so simple and so special, and the palette is poetry to my eyeballs: petrol, raspberry, mustard, sage, lilac, sand. I’ve just bought my first Miss Crabb dress, procured from Service Depot. The fourth one down in black rather than petrol (mistake?), it’s lovely and drapey and a bit grown up. I’m also so in love with the dark raspberry of the first dress. I shall covet it from afar, as I think it was almost twice the price of the one I own.

In other news, my dear friend Laura (who got a book deal! The happiness!) invited me to be a guest on the second episode of her podcast. We talked about memorable meals, both in foreign lands and locally; both spendy and homespun. If you are so inclined, you can listen to it here.

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  1. These are so beautiful, especially that dreamy pastel number, third from the top. Such good colours, but I would probably go for the practical black option like you if I were to buy any of these. So wearable!

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