Sunday Fun Happy Bagel Times

Gathering around the table at our flat on a a beautiful Sunday to eat homemade bagels, does it get any better than this? Our flatmates Pia and Fiona used this recipe and we topped them with butter, cream cheese, sliced tomato, basil, chilli flakes, jalapenos and slivers of salted homegrown chilli. YUM. I ate two bagels, deliberated over a third and declared them to be one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. And dudes, I went to the Ambeli this week. So you can believe me when I say this is a great recipe.

Speaking of the Ambeli (and Floriditas, Cafe Polo and more), I can’t wait to share pictures of the food I gorged on when my parents came to visit this past week. So much food! I’ll try and break it up between other posts…

10 responses to “Sunday Fun Happy Bagel Times”

  1. mmm. sounds good. I have never made a bagel at home before and want to but will probably mess it up. when I use to eat meat, I loved adding a thinly sliced ham to my cream cheese bagel.

  2. Oh man, these look absolutely delicious! I’ve been craving bagles and so has my sister so I guess we’re going to have to go searching for some very soon!

  3. They look gorgeous, light years from the tough-crumbed things you get in shops. Nice work Pia and Fiona! Also, Ambeli, am so jealous (tried to make jealous rhyme with Ambeli there but it didn’t quite work).

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